Years have gone by and much has changed.


I’m thankful that I have these words to capture my life.


The Words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

This is mesmerizing.  Great job on the video.

GENERATION TO GENERATION from Phillip Montgomery on Vimeo.


School of Rock Reunion

I thought “School of Rock” was a pretty decent movie if you go into it understanding what you were going to get.

While perusing the Intergoogz I came across this video, which I thought was pretty cool considering the movie has been out for over a decade now.

Check it…

Some folks can’t stand Jack Black, but I’ve always been a fan of his. Also a huge fan of Tenacious D, the band he fronts with the awesomely plain Kyle Gass. Jack has had some really hits and some real bombs, but this movie is cute, funny, and full of him and Joan Cusack so it’s a win!

Anyone who’s familiar with Jack knows what a great voice and talent he has for music. It’s clear these kids have continued to pursue the musical arts…the guitar solo surprised me. The smart-alec on the drums isn’t so bad either.

Cheers, and enjoy!

Cool + 20 Years = Nostalgia or Parody?

Most of the time nostalgia always equals something cool.

My personal space is filled with things that I’ve collected that remind me of my past.  Sometimes it’s hard to let some things go, such as the super special limited edition “Highlander – Directors Personal Cut”  VHS tape I got at a Star Trek convention in 1990.

While perusing the far reaches of my external hard drives I came across “Reality Bites,” which when I originally saw it, was a pretty cool movie.  I was 23 when in 1994 and could personally relate to some of the themes of the movie and was crushing hard on Winona at the time.  Well jump ahead almost 20 years to the trailer you see below.  Check it out…

After watching this trailer I see this movie (and my 23rd year) quite differently.  Ethan Hawke, who I thought was cool turns out to be a whiney punk.  In 1994 I dug that every answer he gave was a literary reference that everyone around was too stupid to understand…now he comes across as a self obsessed asshole.  All of the characters came across in a completely different light through the filter of two decades.

How many other movies have transformed over time in such a fashion?  Perhaps it’s time to actually watch some of these collected movies and figure out if they’re really worth the closet (or disk) space.

I was thinking it might be cool to start a regular feature, “Modern Reviews of Nostalgic Movies.”  If anyone has suggestions for movies to be reviewed let me know as I’d be happy to oblige.


Genius 8 Minute Sci-Fi Short – ABE

Rob McLellan writes and directs this compelling short focusing on a robot programmed to love and what happens when that love isn’t returned.  It’s chilling, thought provoking and refreshing and totally worth the 8 minutes.

I love the psychotic C3P0/Kathy Bates from “Misery” mash up vibe.

ABE from Rob McLellan on Vimeo.

Apparently this is going to become a feature film,  and could join the ranks of “Moon,” “Sunshine,” and “Twelve Monkeys” in the straight Sci-Fi category.  I’m also digging the actor’s voice who actually mo-capped his performance…very GLaDOS-y.  On a side note, if you watch the VFX breakdown I linked take note of the awesome job of color grading that was done…really nice.


Moonbase: Negative, Flying Car: Negative, Jetpack: AFFIRMATIVE!

When I was young my favorite book was the “Charlie Brown Book of Science Questions and Answers.”  This book was amazing, especially to an 8 year old with a curious mind and active imagination!

My first understanding of what space was and what it was made up of were learned directly from the pages of this book, with some help from Snoopy and Woodstock.

The seeds of my fanatical obsession with space and space exploration were sewn in the hours spent reading this book.

The book also made statements about the possibilities of future technologies.  For instance, it was proposed that by the time I was an adult that we may be living in permanent colonies on the moon.  Another proposal was that we’d all be flying in personal flight vehicles, whether they be like flying cars, or jet packs, which had been a common theme in discussing about “the future.”

We don’t have a moon base, nor flying cars, but we do have a newly legalized personal flight vehicle!  While it’s not a jet pack it’s certainly the next best thing.

Check it…

Very cool eh? Unfortunately it’s only been legalized in New Zealand, but it’s just another great reason to move there…besides the Hobbits.


Lightsaber + Long Exposure = Post