Perhaps a new face in my life?

A curious thing happened to me this morning. A woman, who had come in before, had come into my shop and had a few questions. I answered her questions in short order and it seemed like she had something else on her mind. I happened to be playing piano when she walked in and she asked me to play some more. Well…I am no spring chicken but I can tell when something is awry. She made a point to give me her phone number and asked me to teach her the song I was playing. Cool…whatever. She’s about my age and a pretty sort so I imagine I will contact her. She had mentioned where she worked and I found myself going down to her place of employment, feigning a search for something I needed, hoping to run into her. Alas, she was not there so me and my asparagus left without so much as a “hi.”

I am not really sure that I am attracted to her but I find myself interested because SHE seemed interested. I know that sounds a tad weird but heck, I don’t have much else going on in my life to fill THAT void.

We’ll see what happens…I will keep you eager masses informed. =)



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