The infamous "first entry"

Good Morning!

I have a few friends that have a nice little blog and they use this software so I figured I would try it out. Not that my daily life is particularly interesting but hey, why not?

First let’s start out with introductions! I am Eric (aka Mookie) and I am a partner in a small Computer repair/service/mod/networking/etc… shop in Ma. I am an avid gamer, cook, nerd, and whatever else I think is cool at the moment. My first PC was actually not a PC but a TRS-80 model 1 that I used to write text based adventure games on. I have grown with the technology and I currently have a kick-ass machine that plays any game on the shelf.

I have had many jobs in my life including Military, EMT, Cook, assembly line worker, teacher, Dot-Com manager, ISP manager, and Cable installer. I am sure there were many other less important jobs (ouch) in there somewhere but they fall from memory at this point.

I love working for myself now. It can be a tad boring but hey, I call the shots and I am not working for “the Man.” Unless that means that I am “the Man” now.

I will try to update this blog daily as there is much that happens on a daily basis around here. Not all of it will be interesting but I can assure you it will be weird.

Until next time.



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