So much for continuity…

Well, I thought I was going to be using this thing on a daily basis…little did I know that life would get in the way! That girl I spoke of earlier turned out to be little more than a floosey. She was attempting to flirt with me to get cheap repairs done on her computer. Oh well.

I got my Pearl Jam tickets today. It’s weird because they aren’t supposed to be on sale yet, but when I checked the ticketmaster website they were in fact on sale. So…I could not find two seats next to each other except ones that were behind the stage. That does not work for me. So I ended up calling ticketmaster and chatting with a nice southern lady on the phone for about 30 minutes and ended up getting some nice seats in the first balcony next to the stage. Social Engineering works people.

So other than that things have been routine for me here. Open the shop, deal with computers, close the shop.

I will throw in another photo manip when I get the chance.



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