another day another dollar…

I had the weirdest dream last night…

I was about to make love to Jennifer Love Hewitt and we could not find the key to her chastity belt. We were both WAY into it but that damned key eluded us and the lock, well forget it.

I wonder what the heck that means?

I will have to post a picture of her and I soon…in fact I was going to work on a couple of new manips to post here.

I have also come to the realization that I am probably going to have to enter the work force again soon. It’s nice to run your own business but it’s not extremely profitable. I don’t really have the cash to do the things I would like to do…like date or buy the latest cool game. It’s ALL for the business…which is cool in a way… I mean heck, you won’t get ANYTHING out of it unless you live leanly at first.

This whole “mid-life” thing is getting on my nerves a bit. Facing the fact that I am not a young person anymore is tough on the ego. Those dreams I had about being a sucessful young urbanite have lost their lustre when I place my bloated greying carcass in the picture.

I know, I am feeling sorry for myself…but if I don’t then who?

Until later.



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