Getting lost in the folds…

Hola again…it’s me, Mookie.

Things have been going ok for me recently. I have been trying to think of ways to become the person I see in my head. Sounds a tad neurotic I know…but who’s really reading this? I think this whole blogger deal is neurotic so why not embrace it?


I am going to try and get up early tomorrow and go running. I am 35 and I feel like an old man, and I want to change that. I used to be relatively fit and I want to get back to that…perhaps surpass that. I feel like I am not doing anything to better my outlook so maybe this will help.

Oh, I am going to see Pearl Jam early next week! PJ is my favorite band and I am SO looking forward to going. Should rock.

I am still smoking which is counter productive to my “getting in shape” kick. I have modified my diet, trying to excercise, and not drink so why not quit smoking too… Tomorrows run should be interesting. If I never post here again you’ll know I coughed up a lung.

Send someone to the track to look for me. =)

Anyway…until next time.



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