Sour Apples

Thankfully I work in a PC environment.

Everyone here keeps talking about their Macs and Macbooks like they are the best things on the planet. There are SO many reasons why I wouldn’t choose a Mac I don’t have enough fingers to count them. Yeah, they look cool with the back lit Apple logo on the top, their monothematic design and funny commercials but looks aren’t enough for me.

I’ll admit I don’t have a TON of experience with OSX but I’ll say that when I have had time to sit down with it I was not impressed. It’s completely foreign to me, and I’m pretty familiar the the concepts up UI design.

So, here are my reasons for not buying a Mac.

1) Try going into a store and buying software for a Mac. Pipe down Granny Smith, I know Mac are hyped as running PC software but pigs aren’t flying yet.

2) You’ll pay more for a comparable Mac than you would a PC.

3) The Mac Book is heavy, almost 5 lbs. I don’t see how students carry it around all day.

4) They run very hot. I’ve cooked an egg on a Mac Mini. Ok, that’s a lie, but they run hot.

5) Upgrades and Repairs for Macs are a disproportionately higher cost than PCs. If you don’t believe me get your RAM upgraded.

6) Most ‘Mom and Pop’ computer repair shops won’t work on Macs. In fact, you’ll probably need to send your Mac away to an authorized repair center.

7) You’ll have people asking you about your Mac all the time simply because it’s not a PC. I don’t like people talking to me…so…

8) I’m forced to use a Mac because those arrogant neophytes who think Safari is better have tech support.

9) I’ve never seen a Mac Book that wasn’t white. Hello, it’s Mr. Boring on the phone. White is for snow, not PC’s.

10) Gaming on the Mac is basically non-existent. Try shopping for gaming software outside of an Apple Store.

11) Everyone wants me to get one. VIVE LE DIFFERANCE!

I do like the Ipod commercials but I’d love to smack that organic loving, hippy bastard that teaches mindless followers what ‘cool’ is. Being different isn’t especially cool…it’s isolating IMO. So all of you Mac-phyles unite and rally for change, just don’t spill your Starbucks.




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