The Second Season starts tonight…

Tonight the 16-0 Patriots square off against the 11-5 Jacksonville Jaguars. It will take a solid night of Defense to move towards the 4th Championship but it’s certainly expected that the Patriots won’t have too much of a problem scoring enough points to render the two headed dragon of Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor.

I’m still a firm believer of the old “any given Sunday” adage so both team better come prepared to play 60 minutes of Football. The Patriots have made a point of emphasizing a full 60 minutes of play and striving to make plays regardless of the score. Fortunately the forecast is for clear skies, upper 30’s…perfect Football weather which bodes well for the Patriots style of play.

I’m a tad concerned with the amount of pressure these guys are under at this point. It’s hard to say that anything other than a Superbowl win would be a disappointment but we’ve been spoiled by he success of this team. They know the entire world is waiting for them to fail and it’s being broadcast to every home in the country. The Patriots are master of managing that sort of thing and have been in this very spot many times in the last decade, but still…there’s just that sliver of thought.

Patriots 38
Jaguars 21

/fingers crossed



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