I’m still not smoking which is awesome. This is my 5th day and I’m doing better I think. The market on lifesavers here at work has officially been cornered. I was driving into work today, craving a cigarette and realized it had been 5 days. I first discounted it and thought “5 days is nothing in the grand scheme.” Then after thinking about it…5 days is pretty significant and it’s been tough. I know I don’t want to go through that again so it helps when I get cravings.

Isn’t there a line in that song about “you’ve got your yogurt ready but you have no spoon?”

Ok, maybe there isn’t but I’m without a few things today, a spoon temporarily holding the #1 spot at the moment. My wallet will challenge the spoon when lunchtime rolls around. It’s a quiet morning here, people are strolling in and getting settled. It’s been a quiet week with a snow day monday and not a whole bunch going on here. We’re coming to the end of the Hannah cycle and we’re looking at some pretty exciting things to come.

I’m the resident MMORPG expert here and with talks of working with one of the biggest MMO producers I’m trying to come up with some great product ideas. Unfortunately one of the better Biz Dev people with some serious gaming ties was let go as part of a “workforce reduction” so the road ahead is rockier than once thought. Still, I’m sure we’ll put something fantastic out for people. With Blizzard and LucasFilm on our plate we’re sure to knock one out of the park.


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