Can you believe it’s been 10 days since I’ve smoked?

I can!

I’ve been aware of every painful moment that’s passed. I’m still gibbing out and having difficulty with this whole process. No one ever said it would be easy but this is much harder than my previous attempts. I specifically didn’t want this to turn into a non-smoking blog because there is so much more to me than this, but it’s been front and center in my mind for the last week and few days. Urges have come at me at all hours of the day and night. I’m frigging dreaming about Cigarettes…it’s all a bit crazy. Nicotine is so incredibly addictive and I’m surprised that more hasn’t been made about engineered addiction. That’s exactly what it is…engineered to make you suffer if you don’t have it in your system. Great idea for retaining ‘clients.’

I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll make it this time.

Enough of that…if you’ve followed my blog since it’s inception (which no one has) then you’ll know I’m a huge football fan, and a New England Patriots fan specifically. A little game was played the other day…you may have heard of the AFC Championship game? Yeah, the Patriots won and will be facing the New York Football Giants in the Superbowl. How sweet is that? My Brother is a HUGE Giants fan…this two weeks is going to be SO FUN.

I’ll write later…I’ve got some projects that are coming close to the wire which I’ve got to finish, so I’ll be doing lot’s of that.

Until later,



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