Friday At Last.

This is me after not smoking for 13 DAYS!!!


No football this weekend so that means I won’t be committed to the TVfor 4 hours, so I’m sure I’ll fill that time with errands and chores that have been piling up. I’ve still not “created” a living room in my apartment. Since have all of my necessities in my bedroom I’ve not needed to have a living room. So, it’s currently filled with boxes and other things left there from the move. I’ll probably find some of the little things I was looking for when I finally move that stuff out.

So this week has been a long one even though we didn’t work on Monday. Lot’s has happened…we’ve ironed out the Lucasfilm stuff and I’ve sent the promo stuff to our BizDev guy for the Blizzard meeting. Sometimes it’s frustrating working for a big company with so many resources because those resources are always allocated somewhere else. I would have loved to have a designer go over the Blizzard stuff to make it more polished but it just wasn’t in the cards. The fact that the demo stuff is rough means Bish is going to have work even harder selling the ideas, which are great. I’m a little worried but I’m sure things will go fine…but they would go better with me there for the pitch.

I’ve been playing a few different games here lately. Along with WoW I’ve been playing Crysis, The Orange Box series and CoD4 Multiplayer. There was a ton of hype that came along with the Orange box but I’m finding to be only a satisfactory experience. Portal is obviously the most original puzzle game in a long time and definitely fun to get into but it’s really only a series of puzzles. I’d love to have an FPS that gave you the portal device as a weapon. Crysis is a dissapointment. Not only is it impossible to play with the higher graphical settings the mechanics of the game are suspect. The AI is horrible and the storyline just isn’t terribly exciting. CoD4 is still the head cheese as far as I’m concerned. A single player that begs replay and an excellent ladder system of advancement in the multiplayer make it the hands down winner.

Anyhoo, we’re about to go out for lunch. I’ll post more later.



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