How do you spell failure?

It still remains to be seen but I don’t have much hope for the presentation being shown to Blizzard in the next few hours. I spent so much time working on demo’s and concepts for the project and I’ve just seen the final presentation and it’s horrific…absolutely horrible. It’s clear that it was not only made by someone who’s never played WoW but it seems like Bish has NEVER played a computer game in his life. It was whitewashed HP blather…as if it were for just any old project. What I don’t understand is how HP is unable to see the potential in this market. There is no one out there pushing to print from games and we’ve got such a great opportunity. If they were serious about this they would have assigned a designer to work me to create “knock your socks off” demos to show at this meeting. Even if Bish had just taken my demos and shown them that may have worked…but…this just isn’t going to fly. I wouldn’t be surprised if the meeting lasted less than an 30 mins.

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