This should be interesting…

I’ve forgotten to wear my Nicotine patch today. That’s a smoking hot belly in that photo isn’t it? That’s why I used it.


I actually didn’t realize that I had forgotten my patch until I was walking up the stairs at work. I’m not gibbing out at the moment, although I did have a slight craving earlier. It seems manageable at this point, which I’m sure could change later. I’ve only been taking this patch for 17 or so days so I’m sure I’m not ready to stop using them.

It’s just terribly interesting to me that I forgot to put it on. I feel good about doing this. I like that I’m currently a non-smoker. I like the example it sets for my son. I like the contrast it gives me from my father’s image. If I start craving too badly I’ll just grab a new box of patches at the grocery store, which is just down the street. There will be no panic today! At least not over patches.




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