It’s Superbowl Sunday.


The game is about to start and I’m sitting here getting comfy, ready to watch the game alone. I’ve got the steak tips marinating for halftime and I’m going to get drunk on Sprite Zero. The joys of being single…

I went out to dinner with my old friend last night and we had a great time. I was introduced to the magic of Merlot, which went beautifully with my steak. My date was beautiful and we had great chemistry talking the evening away. After dinner she drove my car believe it or not. You’ve got to know she is something special if I allow her to drive my car. Probably to my detriment I acted the gentleman, I didn’t want to seem like some jerk you know? But I can’t help feel that spark that I felt so many years ago…and I should have kissed her.

I keep thinking to myself that I didn’t have an expectations but honestly, that flew out the window about 2 minutes after we started talking face to face. I felt that flirty chemistry and I just wanted to soak in as much of her as I could…just getting reaquainted with someone who, at one time, meant a lot to me.

But things don’t always happen as you plan them and she’s got another suitor, someone she has a past with. Too bad for me, but you’ve got to be happy right? I wouldn’t want to get in the middle of something that’s already going on. So, I’m in a bit of a funk, but will pass I guess. We’re going bowling on tuesday and we’ll see how that goes.


“Let’s roll.”


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