Pondering beyond my capacity.


I’m not sure if the caption on the photo above, is correct…do you know?

What is the spark that connects people together? What is that bond that, once established, forms a connection that transcends words and actions?

Every time I seem to get close I realize how far away I am. I used to think it was a singular reaction of self, but I now believe it’s really much more than that.

It has to be more than being dazzled by a smile or a flirtive look. It’s got to more than spending time with someone or going through something intense together…or even being married.

I wish I could step from this ledge of comfort and fall into the arms of fate, whatever that fate may end up being. Just to know.

Love seems to be a fickle seed that plants itself wherever it wants. The seeds of love don’t belong to one single person, and those seeds need more than rain and companionship to blossom. Love can be a cruel seed too…if one person wants it and one person doesn’t it’s bound to break a heart.

These words, to me, are a little slice of how it must feel to be filled with love.

“When you touch my weary head and tell me everything will be alright, you say “use my body for your bed, and my love will keep you warm thoughout the night.”

“Long as I have you by my side there’s a roof above and good walls all around.”

“I’ll never be stranger and I’ll never be alone…wherever we’re together, that’s my home.”


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