My Canadian friends would be proud.

Bowling is out…Hockey is in.


And I’ll tell you, it was easy to get good Bruins seats, which doesn’t surprise me because I guess they suck. I’m not a huge Hockey guy but I figure if I don’t see a Hockey game at least once in my life then I can’t really make an informed decision, so Hockey it is. I’ll tell you what’s harder than finding good Bruins seats…is finding a Ladies Bruins Hat. I went to the mall during lunch and wouldn’t you know it…those Pink Bruins hats I always see don’t exist within a 10 mile radius of my work. I went to every store I could find.

I even tried to bribe this middle eastern dude at a hat cart to stitch me up a Bruins logo onto one of his pink caps licensing be damned! For some reason he declined, go figure. Anyway, should be fun…I’m sure to have photos from the game that I’ll post.

Somehow yelling “Go Bruins” doesn’t satisfy me like “Go Pats.”



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