Observations of Dreams.


When I dream I always dream vividly.

I’m  aware that I’m in a dream most of the time.

Waking myself up when I want to is possible.

Usually I can change the direction of topic of a dream.

I’ve only had a few nightmares in my life.

Often times I re-visit the same “altered” locations in dreams.

On several occasions dreamt things that have eventually happened in my life.

I had some interesting dreams last night involving observations in the list above.  I’ve no idea what they meant, which is usually the case.  Sometimes events will unfold where a weird dream makes sense to me.  Or even creepier, I’ll hear or see something that will have been in my dream and I’ll suddenly remember the events of a dream from a while ago.  It’s so interesting to me how the mind works and what it does while resting.

You wouldn’t think there would too much time to dream when I get 4-6 hours of sleep a night and I sleep so lightly.  Hopefully I’ll be able to conclude or continue the dream I had last night as I had the feeling it wasn’t finished.  I kept trying to go back to sleep to see but I couldn’t get back to that dream.  It was light outside and I’m sure that didn’t help.



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