Living up to expectations.

I grew up in the shadow of a man that, to me, exemplified the essence of what a man should be.

My Papa was an honest, dependable, loving man of integrity.  There was no one that could utter a foul word about my Grandfather in the state of Virginia without being contradicted.  He sacrificed his time and money for the good of those who needed his services without thought to ask for thanks.  When Vernon Lewis Dunn said something you knew it was solid fact.  He provided for his family was always willing to lend a hand, fix a TV or a phone, help out any way he could.  He acted in this fashion for several reasons, firstly being it was how he was raised.  Secondly, to provide an example for me and everyone around him.

There have been times in my life that I’ve not acted in a way that would make him proud.  Times that I wish I could erase, but those were part of my learning experience as a young man.  I’ve long since changed those way and have, for some time, lived in a way that would make my Grandfather proud.  I do my best every day to apply his integrity a, honesty and kindness into my life.  To act without a selfish agenda.   That’s part of what gives me the sense of security I have personally.  I’m far from perfect, in fact I’m quite opinionated and stubborn but I try to comport myself in the most gentle way I can.  To me these virtues are some of the most important a person can posess.

Those expectations I have for myself are more than I think my Papa would put on me.  I just want to make him proud.  Whenever I’m not sure what to do I pop open a miniature bottle of English Leather I’ve kept over the years and I seem to know what to do.

I think of him every day and wish I had more time with him.



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