How to save a life.

Been working on some music tonight, which has been a trip.  It’s been months since I’ve played anything and I’m getting ready to get my piano back.  I was plodding out chords on my crappy acoustic guitar that has a bad E string.  Memorizing chord progressions for songs I want to learn, messing with the drums a bit…just a lot of fun.  I even pulled out my setlists and went through the music just remembering how songs go.  It’ll be interesting to see how dexterous I am and how long it’ll take me to limber up.  I’m not sure if I’ll want to play with Al this summer…I mean, biker cookouts are fun and all but I’d like to get paid in cash at some point, not Budweiser and Kielbasa.

Working on a couple of songs from The Fray, hence the title.  Did the usual Cream stuff and some Hendrix (Fire and Hey Joe.)  Worked on a couple of Elton John songs and let me tell you, it’s nearly impossible to find Rocketman in the right key.  There’s a bunch of people playing it wrong!  That’s why I like to practice to the music itself when I actually have a piano in from of me.  There a great Bonny Raite song titled “Angel from Montgomery” which I fucking LOVE!  Throw in a little BNL and 3 Foo Fighters songs, a Go-Go’s tune, a Bon Jovi tune and then the requisite PJ and you’ve got a set list or two.

I should have it by next weekend.  COME ON WEEKEND.

It’s been a long day…Lot’s of stuff going on at work, just made a deadline but it’s great fucking stuff so they’ll eat it up.  I worked out and happy to say I didn’t take ANY pussy breaks.  Another week and I’ll jack it up another level in the difficulty.  The MP3 player did help.

It’s late, after midnight.




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