I wonder what today will bring?

Since the Hannah Montana tour ended about a week ago it’s been pretty quiet on the support front. I was used to coming in to 300 email from 8 year old girls and now I come in and I’ve got 6 emails from people asking about their orders. I imagine when we get the LucasFilm deal done that I’ll start getting lot’s of email again, and this time it will be about cool Star Wars stuff.

I don’t have much planned today, I was going to go out and get a couple of movies during lunch. It’s a Matthew McConaughey film festival at Laurie’s tonight. I’m stuck between “We are Marshall,” “Reign of Fire,” and “U-571.” I know she’s thinking about his romantic comedies and so was I but there are a few movies of his I liked, which are noted.

reignoffire.jpgHe was a bad-ass in Reign of Fire, which I really liked. That movie hearkens back to the movies I watched as a kid, where something horrible has happened and 90% of the population is gone and band of misfits had to band together to overcome…with guns. The action is great, the effects are great, and it’s got other decent actors such as Christian Bale and Gerard Butler.

U-571 is a pretty good flick as well. Submarine movies are always good, especially WWII submarine movies. Obviously Matty-boy is in it but Harvey Keitel and Bill Paxton round out that cast. Good acting and a great story hold this movie together, which by the way, was based on real events.

So, not sure how today will play out, it’s still pretty early. I know I’ll get a good workout in after work, fly home and shower, then head to Laurie’s. Anyhoo, I’ll post something later as it strikes me…I’m a little in the clouds today for some reason…hard to focus on one thing, not sure why. Could less than 2000 calories a day have something to do with it? hehe.



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