I’m someone’s Valentine!

Here I been lamenting the whole day…and as I’m putting my key the door to my house my 10 year old neighbor comes outside.

She thanked me again for the Hannah tickets and handed me a plate with foil on it.  “I made you cookies and want you to be my Valentine,” she says to me.  What a sweetie!  So, fear not for love finds us all!  I got inside and took the foil off the paper plate and there sat the Valentiniest cookies you’ve ever seen.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her I wasn’t eating sugar but it’s the thought that counts and this kid made me feel like Aces for a few minutes. =)



I had a killer workout today…I haven’t sweat that much in a long time.  I was a little shocked to see I had gained 4 lbs…so I’m down to 224 at the moment.  The trainer told me to expect that and that it was body fat that I was targetting…not the weight…the weight will take care of itself if the body fat is reduced.  I actually felt pretty good after this workout…no lightheadedness, I was invigorated to a degree.  I can’t wait until I enjoy these…that means my body is not only responding but accelerating.

I’ll be ready for a pose down soon…NOT.




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