Autobiographical Soundtracks

I always associate music with the years or events in my life. Music has the ability to make me different people within myself. It makes evident to me all the pieces of me inside my head. It goes beyond simple recollection of events and speaks more to the feelings I had at that point in my life. I can remember the exact feeling I had as a 6 year old, watching Vietnam footage on television when I hear “Billy don’t be a hero” by Paperlace. I’m back in as a 13 year in Italy when I hear the Dire Straits “Love over Gold” album. Fun stuff.So with that in mind I’ve decided to make note of what music I’m listening to when I make a post. Music certainly influences a mood in me and that usually comes across when I write. Since I’m an average writer at best perhaps the music will help lend some clue as to where I was when I wrote it.


  • No Doubt – Simple Kind of Life
  • No Doubt – New
  • Jackson Browne – These Days

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