Pondering Fate and Destiny.


While I’m a firm believer in the everyone is responsible for where they are in life I can’t help but buy into the theories of fate and destiny. It’s very practical and evident that if you do X and Y you’ll get Z result which is easy to quantify and measure. Those kind of instances can be found throughout life but it’s amazing the coincidence and luck that I find in daily life.

My step-father is a pragmatist for whom logic rules. He approaches everything from a deliberate and measured frame of thought. He’s a good man and his approach has worked for him and rubbed off on me quite a bit. I’m able to apply his methods of critical thinking to assess and identify to resolve an issue or determine a course of action. I appreciate this approach and it’s been integrated into my personality by proxy and proximity.

My Grandfather was also a man who used logic, but I don’t think in the same way. My Grandfather often acted on hunches or ‘gut feeling,’ which always seemed to work out for him. He always seemed to be a positive giant of man who used kindness to resolve dilemmas that faced him. He would always say “If you do something wrong you’re bound to get caught,” and he lived his life that way. Good things seemed to happen to him because of the investment he made in his manner and approach to others. He was a firm believer in the notion that if you do good then good will come to you. Granted I never knew my Papa as an adult, I was 16 when he died but I’m sure my image of him is consistent.

So, I like to be a believer of both schools of thought. It’s very important to use logic when making decisions or setting goals, but I also believe that you reap what you sow. To throw another component into the mix I’m a believer in Karma. I try to make sure that I balance myself out the best that I can being so far from the center of this scale. I’ve never been one to harm anything or anyone purposefully because I believe that my own ego isn’t as big as my place in the world as a whole. I feel that if I display negative attributes I’m inviting them to come back and smack me in the face.

So…no one can tell the future, and it’s probably likely that we can’t affect the future…but I can control how I react and view myself in whatever future comes.  I am believer in the thought that everything that happens happens for a reason.

…with a little luck. =)





One thought on “Pondering Fate and Destiny.

  1. I think balance is the key always. One can neither succeed taking good decisions that r purely logical or purely based on gut feeling. There has to be a balance between logic and intuition. Thats wat I do or rather I am *trying* to do 🙂

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