Sunday Morning.

I’m sitting here with a full cup of coffee and sleep in my eyes listening to some music I downloaded last night. Thankfully I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed today but I’ve still got some of the same issues on my mind, still a bit blue about the bad news…but I’ve getting right in my head for a few days and I’ll be fine. It’s the dreams that get me and why I’m particularly sensitive to it in the morning. I’ve posted about my dreams before and these dreams imbue helplessness, which I’m not accustomed to. I went out last to buy something…anything to make myself feel better and as usual I chicken out at the last minute, which is ultimately the smartest thing I could do.

I watched movies last night and it was good to escape a little bit. I watched:

dianelane1.jpgUnder the Tuscan Sun – Yeah, all my friends would make fun of me but I LOVE this film. Diane Lane is a super hot and smart and funny, the scenery is great, and the story is about taking chances, which I should probably do more of. There a scene where Francis is sitting with a friend and the friend tells her a story about when she was a girl she went into the field looking for Ladybugs but couldn’t find any. After a few hours she fell asleep in the grass and when she woke she had Ladybugs all over her. I like that. I am going back to Italy at some point, although it probably just be a vacation and not permanently to teach English. This film is full of beautiful scenes from one of my favorite areas in Italy and just down the road from where I used to live. It’s great to hear real Italian being spoken…I’ve not used subtitles once. Perche, parlo Italiano and me non ho bisogno per la scritta. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Reign of Fire – Good escapist film. Full of action, dragons, fire, and a few ‘hold your breath’ moments. Another great example of the ‘It’s the near future, 90% of the population is gone, small but intrepid band dispense humanity from the end of a shotgun,’ type movies that I love so much.

High Fidelity – I’ve always associated with John Cusack, just like the studio has expected me to since “Better off Dead.” Great film, great music, great laughs, mediocre storyline but the associative nostalgia makes it a fun film to watch. He says things I wish I could verbalize, of course I know it’s the writers and if I had a team of writers I could be just as poignant. I’ll have to check into that…writers could be good for me…/think.

Anyhow, time to take a shower and start the day. I’ve listened to the entire Audioslave Revolutions CD and it’s fucking great! I highly recommend buying the CD as pretty much the whole thing is a good listen…I’m going to.

Until later,


  • Audioslave – Revolutions (whole album)

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