Happy Monday.

I’m glad to be at work again. There’s a certain cadence I get into on Mondays that sets the pace for the week and today seems to be going well. We’ve got a new face in the office, which is good. It’ll be interesting to see the dynamic she creates being only the 2nd woman on our team. Hopefully we’ll get some contracts wrapped up soon and I’ll have a steady stream of email again. I’m only getting a few Hannah email and I can’t remember the last Gwen email I got.

amsterdam.jpgI’ve been thinking more about traveling. While it would be nice to travel with someone I’m not sure if I’ll have anyone to travel with…but that’s no reason not to go. I’ve got to do a better job of saving though, which I’m working on. Checking flights and hotel in Amsterdam is almost 3k…plus spending money. I’ll need that much EXTRA cash in the bank to insure a fun trip. I’ve got a few other things to take care of before I decide to plan a trip like that…but if I put it off I’ll never do it. We’ll see how the summer pans out and maybe I’ll take a trip after the summer is over. Who knows, by that time I may have someone to take with me.

I’m going to continue to think that my piano my be finally ready by this weekend. I’ve been seriously lamenting this time without it and it’s time for it come home. It’s like a lady that I’ve not seen in a long time…I’m sure we’ll want to spend some time together getting reacquainted. I’ve got much music lined up that it’ll take weeks to get through it. I’ll have enough for at least 2 sets I’m sure, maybe a one man show? I’d have to learn some of those drunken, limerick based songs to do but that should be easy. Not sure if the kind of places I’m used to playing in would be the right setting for a ‘Piano Night.”

I watched to Oscars last night in the background while I was raiding. Two women stood out to me, Hilary Swank and Katherine Heigl. Both were absolutely gorgeous and have made it onto my “list.” The only problem with that is that you need a significant other for ‘the list’ to be valid so right now I’m just some loser with a creepy list. What was Chad Lowe thinking? What an idiot.


  • Audioslave – Sound of a Gun
  • Pearl Jam – Dead Man Walking
  • Smashing Pumpkins – Drown
  • Jaime Cullum – I’m glad there is you
  • Bush – Mindcharger
  • The Clash – London is Burning
  • Gavin DeGraw – Nice to meet you anyway.

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