The 64-bit question.

I’m thinking about making the switch to Vista-64bit. I don’t see the point of upgrading drives and staying with lame old 32bit XP.


My hard drives are chocked full of CRAP and as usual I find the best way to deal with that is to simply replace the hard drive and store the full drive in my desk for future excavation. So, I was looking at hard drives this past weekend and it seems a waste to me to buy anything under 750gb simply due to the cost and pain of installing a new OS and moving files. Then I put my hand into my pocket and there was my USB thumb drive…which got me to more thinking. I imagine that within a year we’ll see substantially larger SSHD’s at a much more reasonable cost…and the transfer rate would be phenomenal plugged directly into the motherboard. Realistically we’re about 2 years away from seeing SSHD’s shipped with new PC’s but it’s coming.

So, my dilemma is do I buy now? Buying now would entail buying a new HD, Vista-64bit and taking a weekend to OSLoad and then do a software load. I could go through the complete pain in the ass to burn most of my shit onto DVD’s to free up some space and then clean up things the best I could, or simply reformat my current setup. I’ve filled a my secondary 250gb drive and most of my 180gb primary drive and perhaps a good going through would free up a lot of space. I’m also a bit constricted because we no longer have all of our servers running…we’ve just got our two stand-alone machines currently. I could add another HD to my second secondary IDE channel, but that’s stacking my problem, not addressing it.

Most of you are probably thinking that I should get our more often instead of contemplating drive space, and you may be right. I’m getting out every now and then and more every week…I’m getting there.

The world can’t handle too much of me at once. =)


  • Soundgarden – Holy Water
  • Radiohead – Everything in it’s right place
  • No Doubt – Sixteen
  • Foo Fighters – Let it die
  • Audioslave – Original Fire
  • Audioslave – Revolutions
  • Radiohead – Optimistic
  • Pearl Jam – Bee Girl

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