Holy High Note Batman!

My Piano is READY!!!

I’m so freaking excited I can’t contain myself…it’s been over a month without it!!!!

Without it I’ve a little wonky. I’ve been busy at work converting guitar tabs to chords, breaking down songs and writing a TON in the last few weeks in anticipation of getting it back and now I actually get to HEAR the songs I’ve written and hope the sound like they should. I’m heading down after work because I can’t wait until Saturday. I’m picturing this slow motion scene of me and my piano running to hug each other in a field of wildflowers.


That means I’ve got to buy speakers for my PC today too. I’ve gotten so used to my headphones, which aren’t ideal for playing along with music. Perhaps best buy in Leominster will have what I’m looking for. I’m seriously jumping out of my seat I’m so excited. Now I’ve got figure out how to talk to Al about NOT playing with them this year. The fact is I don’t want to drive an hour TO and FROM Baldwinville to practice several times a week. While I dig the music we play I’m down for something a little newer…or at least a combination of new and old songs. It’s also hard to fit piano into the setlist we usually go with…which is guitar-centric for sure. I don’t think I am down for doing solo shows either because of the work involved. Perhaps it’s time for me to get back to why I started playing in the first place…because I love playing for myself. Besides, switching from Cream to Michael Buble would probably anger our typical audiences.

On to a different topic, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing an occasional video post. I’ve got the equipment and I’ve got video editing experience, might be fun. The problem comes from my inability to have a good photo taken of me…if my photos come out badly how will my videos come out? It would probably be a ‘once a week’ thing if it happens. If I’m going to start this I’ll want it to be good and not just typical ‘my day was great/sucked’ type of posts. I guess since absolutely no one is reading this that it won’t matter how good my photos/videos are. Loosely scripted is probably the way to go with videos as sometimes I think I post too much in normal text posts…I’m sure that feeling would be augmented being on video.

Jaime Cullum – Twentysomething

Rainbow – Street of Dreams


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