Monday? I love it!

While everyone enjoys the weekend it’s nice, for me, to get back into the flow of things at work. My work week is pretty static and allows me to conform to a schedule much easier than the weekend. I know what to expect during the week, which is good, for me. That’s not to say I’m not happy when Friday rolls around, because I am, but there’s nothing wrong with Mondays.


Except this Monday. I have a couple of Dr’s appointments this morning which means I didn’t get in to work until 11:30 am. The Cafeteria is closed due to some retirement discussion so we went out to eat. It’s just now after lunch that I’m able to get some work done. In fact, I’ve found a DUMB mistake I made, which I’ve since corrected but it’s still a dumb mistake that shouldn’t have happened.

I can’t wait to get to the gym and work all of that out. I’m starting to see the benefits of working out. I was shocked when the Dr. told me my resting pulse rate was 55. 55? It was 100bpm resting a little over a month ago…so my aerobic fitness has risen significantly. ROCK! I’m kind of getting used to the calorie restriction and the increase in number of meals, although I ate Chinese food today and that will require some extra work I’m sure. It seems I’ve hit a cap of 224-226lbs though and I can’t seem to get below that number. I’m still working on it and I’m sure that persistence is the way to win this war.

I’m also going to have to figure out where I’m going to live after July. Jim’s moving to Ga. to be with his ex and I’m not feeling like paying that much more rent for another empty room. I’m considering looking in to purchasing a home or a condo or something as I hate for the money I spend in rent to not work for me. Who knows.


  • Alanis Morissette – Not the Doctor
  • No Doubt – Sixteen
  • Audioslave – Moth
  • Bush – Swallowed

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