Still thinking about the whole video-blog thing.

It’s a very interesting thought but I’m still not sure of a concept or an idea. I’d love to do it but I want to make sure it’s funny or interesting…I don’t want to waste your time or mine and I want to put something really good out there. Not really for the sake of being noticed but because I don’t like shyte. I’ll need some more time to devote to conceptual thought.

I look at the Foo Fighters video for “Low” and it looks SO easy to make a semi-entertaining, low budget laugh-fest.

Now, I know what you're opens with a crane shot...well, besides that it looks easy. I just have to be willing to cross-dress and humiliate myself and I'll be all set. Of course, it helps to have a rocking soundtrack, which the Foo's have in abundance. I'll work on a concept and start filming in the next week or two I suppose. I just don't want to be one of those YouTubers that do nothing but post useless blather...we'll see.



  • Foo Fighters - The Pretender
  • Spek - Brick (one of my songs)
  • Oasis - Wonderwall
  • Stone Temple Pilots - MC5
  • Foo Fighters - Best of You

One thought on “Still thinking about the whole video-blog thing.

  1. Hey Mookieinhiding. I’m a video blogger in training myself and I’m in the same boat as you are. Trying to make my video blog interesting, and sometimes, it’s pretty hard to do! You’ll think of something soon enough I’m sure — it’ll just take some time! And yaaah, Foo Fighters! I’m a big fan — saw them twice so far in concert! They can really put on a show~

    Have you heard of Kyte? I use it for my video blogging. It’s a pretty neat application that allows me to create a channel and produce multiple shows on that channel! I actually have several channels. One is mainly devoted to my video blogging, check it out:

    I take full advantage of the webcam feature to create a video on the spot, and instantly upload it onto my channel by simply clicking the produce button. Here and there, I’ll use the photo slideshow and video upload features as well. I love the fact that I can embed this channel on my myspace page and there’s a kyte application on facebook! Once I add it, I can feature my own channel. I’m looking into snagging a mobile that is compatible with the Kyte application so I can produce shows on-the-go. It’s also accessable through any mobile that has web-ability, but unfortunately I don’t have a plan that allows me to go on the web on my phone!

    So whenever you get your video blog up and running, I’d recommend using Kyte 😉

    Check out my video blog when you get the chance and link me to yours once you get it up and running!

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