The Dude abides.

I’m in fine shape. My belly is full and my feet are up. I’ve got some great music in ears and more to come.


I’ve been trying to get into a routine this week and it’s working so far, except the sleep part. So, that being known I’m happy to sit here and type. The world needs more of me so I figured I’d oblige. Which reminds me about the video blog concept. I’m not a writer and my writing sucks but whatever, it’s not like people will be watching. I would like for it to be an open format. One week maybe review a game/movie/book/music and the next week do a location shoot at some bizarre or cool or bizarre and cool place. I’m not into the Tom Green style of using people as props for silliness and I don’t think I’d be a good interviewer.

How about an interview with my family and friends where I aggravate them for footage for my first video-blog.

I’m still looking for a small tripod.

foofighters.jpgThis Foo Fighters “Skin and Bones” live CD is awesome. The updated “Marigold’ has evolved from the original “B” side of “Heart Shaped Box.” “Marigold” transitions into an acoustic “My Hero.” Good Stuff. The Fighters of Foo are really one of my favorite bands because you can drop a CD in or, in my case, drag an album into a playlist and listen to the whole thing and not have a bad song. It’s a great collection of their songs and it’s just one of those live shows where the band is super tight and they pull off a great performance.

There is no denying the Foo.


The Foo Fighters – Skin and Bones

  • Razor – Great song
  • Over and Out
  • Walking after you
  • Marigold – Great Song
  • My Hero – Great Song
  • Next Year – Good Song
  • Another Round
  • Big Me – Great rendition
  • Cold Day in the Sun
  • Skin and Bones
  • February Stars – Great song
  • Times like these – Great song
  • Friend of a friend
  • Best of You – Great rock song
  • Everlong – Great but hard to play song

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