I need some action.

I need to do something cool this weekend. Something active, something fun, something I normally wouldn’t do.

Any ideas?

Maybe it’s time for a road trip…that sounds interesting. Or maybe a weekend flight to somewhere warm? I’m no good at planning that kind of thing and I would love someone in my life to be able to say “That sounds like fun…” so I can’t back out. It seems that having someone to do that kind of thing is helpful in the motivational department. Even better, I would love someone to come up with a suggestion that I could respond to with “That sounds like fun…” I seem to have fallen into a weekend rut where I do the same things, usually the things my weekly routine doesn’t account for like cleaning the bathroom or doing the dishes. Cleaning the bathroom, now that’s an adventure! Ok, maybe not.

So, if I had someone to join me, what would I do. Maybe a tandem skydive at Turner's Falls? A photographic retreat? A weekend at the brewery in Woodstock? A Manhattan museum jaunt (that would be awesome)? A quest for BBQ in Memphis? A quick tour of Virginia? But alone? Naw. I hate to spend the money if it's just me.

I started preliminary camera testing for my V-blog...it's interesting. I'm still not used to how I look and how I sound on camera so that may take a few days. My camera saves the clips in .MOV format, but I've not attempted to edit yet so I'm not sure how that will work being an .MOV file. I was thinking about making it a "drive home" blog because I've got 30 mins, which sounds like plenty of time to distill down into a 5 minute or less video.


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