Headbanging Friday.

It’s been a weird, rushed week for me.

I’ve felt great about some things and not so great on others. On the good side, I’ve gotten my blood work back and things look pretty good. I’ve had a great week working out and I’m going up to a full 30 minutes next week. I’m cleaning up my inbox and work stuff hase been going well and the whole Flickr integration has gone smoothly so far. I’ve been working on the v-blog idea and got some footage that I’ll edit up for this weekend. So some good stuff.

There have been some frustrating issues this week, mostly personal. My Dad’s situation is holding steady but is less than ideal. It still weighs heavily on me and I’ve yet to resolve those issues.

I’m still very much single much to my consternation and despite my efforts. Online dating is so frustrating because I rarely get responses from people I find attractive and would consider getting to know. I guess it’s a painful realization that people go by photos alone and mine aren’t the greatest photos on the planet, that’s for sure. It’s just humiliating putting myself out there like that…in a fucking profile where I’ve got to describe myself in so many words or less.

onlinedating.jpgI start reading people’s profiles and it’s all the same bullshit on each one. “I like to be active but I’m just as happy vegging on the couch.” “I like to sleep late on weekends.” “Chemistry is important.” “I’m looking for someone who’s honest, has integrity and is looking for more out of life.”

No shit sherlock…EVERYONE wants those things right?

That’s why these things fail. Dating sites are an outlet for women who secretly WANT to be single and just want virtual attention and compliments from male profiles (that’s what men are to women on these sites) to make up for the transgressions men in real life have committed against them.

The whole concept of pooling single people in one place to attract each other is absurd. Why do you think they’re fucking single in the first place? Probably because they enjoy being single, or because they’re picky, or because they’re so fucking annoying they can’t attract a mate in real life. So yeah, I want make myself available to them as part of a pool of other single men who can’t get a date.


Enough of that.

So, the weekend is upon us and my room mate’s girlfriend is coming to visit for the weekend.

Time for a road trip.

  • Foo Fighters – Magnolia
  • Soundgarden – Fell on Black Days
  • Pearl Jam – Down
  • No Doubt – Underneath it all
  • No Doubt – New
  • Elvis Costello – Still
  • Audioslave – Cochise

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