Look good and feeling groovy…

It’s Wednesday and rainy here but I’m still feeling pretty good.

I’m putting an effort into improving my social side and I’m getting out more, which is fun.  I’ve forgotten how rewarding a nightlife can be.  For years I was convinced that if I wasn’t in pajamas and comfy at home by 7pm then something was wasn’t right.  I think it comes down the people around you and the enjoyment I get out of hanging out.  It’s finding the balance between my commitments and the change in schedule that needs to be managed well for it to work.

I’ve also changed my appearance somewhat drastically.  I’ve shaved my goatee off and grew my sideburns out a bit…that coupled with a (hopefully) better physique (and getting better) has restored some of the confidence I had as a younger man.  Sometimes I wonder if this is my mid-life crisis manifesting itself in the health kick and these changes.  I guess I’m at mid-life…I doubt I’ll live to be 80, but who knows?

Regardless, of whether this is a mid-life thingamabob I’m digging it.  It’s a natural desire to want to share myself and my life with someone and it’s been long enough for me.  I look back and realize how influential my last relationships were and how they impacted on social mentality.  Time to move the fuck on you know?

Things are still very much up in the air, but I’m ok with that.  That means I’m up in the air and it’s exciting.

  • No Doubt – Simple Kind of Life
  • Frank Sinatra – Come Fly Away
  • Stone Temple Pilots – Tumble in the Rough
  • David Gray – As I’m leaving
  • Radiohead – Knives Out
  • Pearl Jam – Undone
  • Kelly Clarkson – Behind these hazel eyes
  • Nirvana – Been a Son

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