Sleepy Friday.


I got SO little sleep last night that I’m in a haze right now. I do have coffee so that’s a bonus but I’m going to have to do something to wake up. I got home around 10pm and started working and listening to music. Before I know it’s 2am…and I’m dozing off in my chair. UGH!

It’s a shame that I’m trying to take better care of myself but I’m getting less sleep now. I guess sleep is a really important part of good health so I’ve got to improve in that area. I just don’t feel like I’ve got enough time to do the things I need to do…but I guess that would change with better time management. Whatever.

It’s supposed to raid all weekend so that may hamper my Boston plans tomorrow…good thing I don’t melt in the rain. It’ll be nice to get into town again, it’s been forever since I’ve been, at least since last summer. I want to go back into Kendall sq. and look at where our offices will be when we move. It would also be nice to stop by the Brickyard again…I liked that place a lot.

Anyhoo, I’m going to try to wake up and I’ll check back in later today.


  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground
  • John Williams – Omaha Beach
  • Lisa Loeb – Rose Colored Times
  • Nirvana – Molly’s Lips
  • No Doubt – Underneath it all

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