Less harried afternoon.

While things haven’t been resolved it’s nice to be on the hunt instead of the discovery phase, which I refer to as “Wow, this IS fucked up.”


I’ve written a few bugs and listened to some music so far, which isn’t a bad way to spend a morning. While the site has been fluky the inquiry into said flukiness has been minimal. Thankfully someone asked in “Tabblo Issues” early and I answered it there, which may have offset the normal flood, who knows.

I’ve got to comment again on Julia Allison’s lip dub to that Journey tune. I’ve watched it again several times and each time it brings a smile to my face. It’s inspiring. She got the timing right, the lighting right, the mood right…but that’s the beauty of it. She wasn’t trying for to get it ‘right.’ She had just come from seeing RENT and whatever else that was going on in her life motivated the feeling that caused her to make the video and it comes through. Now, I’m not saying she’s breaking new ground, but I’m surprised I haven’t seen real music videos like that.

I’ve got a quiet rest of the afternoon. I’ll work until about 5 and then head to the gym. Again, it’s been a few days since I’ve gone and I’m interested in seeing how it goes. I don’t want to stop at this point…but keeping myself motivated daily is hard. I keep coming up with reasons why I can’t go, like a date or something…and that’s counter productive. I’ve started seeing the results and it would be a shame to stop now. On that same line of thought I’m still getting strong cravings to smoke, even after so long. It’s a pain in the ass and I hope it gets easier.

It’s interesting how the things that motivated me initially have changed. I think that’s having an effect…but regardless, if I break now I’ll never do it so I’m not stopping. Even if I only end up working out 3-4 times a week that’s better than none. The calorie count continues and I’m still aiming for under 2k a day…1700 or less is optimal but I keep forgetting to take my supplements in the morning. Better add a memory enhancer to that mix of pills…hehe.

Tonight is a noobie catch up night on WoW so I’ll be logged in and helping people out. Nothing big…just another quiet night.



  • Duran Duran – Rio
  • Radiohead – High and Dry
  • Stone Temple Pilots – MC5
  • Stone Temple Pilots – Sour Girl
  • Boston – Rock and Roll Band
  • No Doubt – Underneath it all

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