Why is it pronounced “Wendsday” when it’s spelled “Wed-nes-day?”

It’s 9:30 and no one is here…making me think I missed something yesterday.

There’s a bit of mail for me to answer and a few things for me to track down, which should keep me busy most of the morning.  I’ve got to work out today regardless of the time I get out of work.  I’ve not worked out for a few days now and I feel flabby.  I was talking last night with Kelly and she asked me about losing sizes and I hadn’t thought about it until she mentioned it.  I think I have lost a size or two on my waist because I can now pull my pants down without unbuttoning them, which I couldn’t do before and I’m starting to wear ‘L’ shirts instead of ‘XL’ although I still wear the ‘XL’s.’   I would just hate to have wasted my time by not following through on this fitness thing.

opie.jpgSo, where am I on the relationship front?  I’m dating and just having fun for now.  I’m horribly shy when it comes to talking to women about romance and desire and I invariably dork it up in a big way.  My Dad was a Casanova type so I’m surprised (and dissapointed) that I don’t have any of his lady charming skills.  I feel like Opie when compared to him.

I’m always shocked to find that women think I should be MORE aggressive.  It’s a problem that I’ve yet to figure out.  I guess that lack of practice in that area is evident.  As stated, most of my relationships have been long term relationships and looking back at the start of those isn’t helpful.  Gail and I were friends for over a year before we just kind of realized that we were boyfriend and girlfriend.  My ex-wife and I got together when I was 20…and I was a different guy then and frankly, I don’t remember the beginning of that one.  Is that it?  Two serious relationships that take up the last 20 years?  Pathetic!  I’m seriously in trouble on that front.


  • Foo Fighters – Learning to Fly
  • Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
  • Led Zeppelin – Kashmir
  • Rush – Tom Sawyer
  • AC/DC – Shot down in Flames
  • Foo Fighters – But Honestly
  • Billy Joel – Just the way you are

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