Exposure in the Digital Age

I googled my name this morning, as I occasionally do and not one link referring to me in the first few pages. It turns out that there are of lot of people with my name floating around the ether, that do some interesting things. There is a college-going-pro football player, there is an Actor, there is a singer song-writer, there are several engineers and the list goes on…and on…and, whatever, you get the point.

If I search using my pseudonym then the whole first page is all me. Interestingly enough someone seems to have put my photo on a “Dig a tech guy” website. The notation is “very helpful” and the photo is from Tabblo, so I’m thinking it’s a member, but it made me think.

People know what I look like. Someone took a photo of me and a brief description of what I do and did what THEY wanted with it by posting it on some website. A little creepy if you think about it too much.  I spill my guts here on a daily basis without fear that anyone actually reads this…but I’ve gotten some comments in the past from people that I don’t know…so someone must be reading somewhere. To feel a bit better all I have to do is look at the brave and intrepid “Social Trailblazers” like Megan Asha, Julia Allison, Julia Roy and so many others that are putting themselves out there daily for scrutiny. Each one of these women is stunningly beautiful so they’d get traffic even if they weren’t interesting, smart, funny and revealing. It doesn’t hurt that they go to every awesome convention and show…that would help me too. =)

So what do I have to lose? I believe in me…so I’m not really afraid of backlash. These are my feelings and thoughts and I like who I am so why not take the next step and put myself out there? Embrace whatever living in the ethereal mist brings with it.

One thing I’ve seen is that exposure brings opportunity. The more people that find you interesting the more they read you. Exposing your self to the masses would expose more of your work to more people and it the domino effect would kick in and you’d have more people listening. The trick is saying something worth hearing, which I rarely do. I’m more of a ‘stream of consciousness’ kind of guy. I would have some interesting things to say if I had some of the opportunities my co-workers had. I SO DESPERATELY wanted to go to the Game Developers Conference that just passed…and SxSW would have been sweet. I understand that in my current capacity doesn’t lend itself to those types of conferences but I think it’s about the idea. I’ve got a few of them (ideas) and I’m capable of so much more than I’m doing right now.

I’m ready to charge out of the gates.

But seeing as that probably won’t happen anytime soon I’ll have to make due with local content, which can be just as interesting…right? We’ll see.


  • Alice in Chains – Don’t Follow
  • The Bangles – Hazy Shade of Winter
  • Barenaked Ladies – When I Fall
  • The Doors – L.A. Woman
  • Joss Stone – Fell in Love with a Boy
  • Nirvana – Been a Son
  • Pearl Jam – Evenflo

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