How long has it been now?

82 Days since I’ve smoked.

It seems like MUCH longer actually but I’m finally on the 14mg patches! I’m feeling great about not smoking and look forward to many years or easy breathing because of the commitment I made to quit now. I’ve smoked for about 20 years now and I’m sure that’s not been good for me but I know that I’m adding years to my life by doing this. I read back earlier in this blog and I remember being days past quitting and going out of my mind.

ghostbusters-v-jesus.jpgThis past weekend was easter and the family got together over at Mom’s. We had a delicious spiral cut ham, green bean casserole, southern style baked beans, deviled eggs, candied yams and more. Plenty of leftovers that’s for sure. Nice to see Marilyn again, she’s my favorite of the Bone clan and she travels often. She’s off to Iceland soon for a French Horn conference…who knew Iceland was big into French Horns? She always sends me postcards from her travels and it’s nice that she thinks of me when there’s so much to see and do when traveling.

I think I’m going to completely clean my room tonight. I just washed the sheets and perhaps it’s time for a “clean-down.” I really need some place to put my piano because it’s taking up a ton of room in my small-ish room. Perhaps it’ll go in the living room, which more resembles a shop because of the equipment set up in there. The dishes need to be done too…but that’s my roommates job this go round thankfully. I don’t generate dishes so WTF?

It’s going to be a great workout today…I’m going to get in there right at 4:30 and jump on my machine. I’m really looking forward to burning out a good 30 mins of cardio and feeling some burn in my legs.

I may post later, not sure.


  • Kings of Leon – The Bucket
  • Foo Fighters – Cold Day in the Sun
  • U2 – The Fly
  • The Cult – Love Removal Machine
  • Alanis Morissette – Right Through You
  • Jaime Cullem – I get a kick out of you
  • The Ramones – I don’t wanna walk around with you
  • Bush – The disease of the dancing cats
  • Genesis – Turn it on again
  • Genesis – Paperlate
  • Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues

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