Feeling a bit run down.

I’ve been exercising a lot and restricting my caloric intake in an effort to lose some weight and decrease body fat and it’s seriously running me down. I’m sure I’m missing something because I’ve had less energy lately.


I’m taking a multi-vitamin, Omega complex and Chromium Picolinate daily (some more than once) so I shouldn’t be deficient in regards to vitamins. I’m wondering if I should take a day off to rest but I’ve no assurance I’d feel better and I would be wasting a day. I wanted to go six straight days this week though to get that extra burn factor in.

I’m starting to wonder if so of my OCD’ish tendencies are surfacing in regards to working out. I’ve really done well with setting up a routine, and as usual, if that routine is disturbed in any way I get bent out of shape. The other day I had to wait almost 20 mins for some buffoon to get off my elliptical machine and I was about to blow an internal gasket. I try and pick the same locker everyday and I feel like my routine is thrown off when it’s taken. Kind of weird. Kind of like the parking space thing…I find it sticks in my craw for longer than it should. Of course, I never verbalize this and it becomes an internal struggle for the next hour or so.

murphinator.jpgWork is somewhat quiet today, considering yesterday was all about meetings and the Murphster. He seems like a nice guy, but I swear he memorizes everything he says. I tend to trust those type of people as far as I can throw them, but Murph-a-saurus is pretty small and I bet I could toss him farther than most. So, I’ll continue to trust in the people I work with instead. Suits never impressed me…and it’s even worse when they act like they’re your friends.
I’ve taken some Tylenol, grabbed some coffee and I’m going to refuse to acknowledge feeling run down.

I’ll check back in later…have a great fucking Thursday world!


  • Foo Fighters – Live in Skin
  • U2 – Light My Way
  • INXS – Beautiful Girl
  • Radiohead – Everything in it’s right place
  • Genesis – Trespass
  • Smashing Pumpkins – Muzzle
  • Pearl Jam – State of Love and Trust
  • No Doubt – Underneath it all

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