My Black Space

This is my black space.


The space where I speak my mind and reflect. It’s not to be disguised or tempered, it’s meant to be what it is…an unflinching reflection of my thoughts. That being said, I’ve felt I’ve gotten away from that recently because I know that the people that know me read this blog. I don’t feel like I’m being true to the core reason I started this blog. I’m asking those that DO read this to understand that where I’m coming from and to accept what’s written here as my personal thoughts and to NOT use them against me in conversation. It’s a tricky mix, and ultimately maybe unsuccessful, but if I’m not true to myself here then what is the purpose of me writing?

On the flip side of that point, I’ve used my blog to send messages to people without actually SAYING what I wanted to say to them. For this I apologize. Passive/Aggressive behavior is not my norm and I realize that’s been happening occasionally. I’m hoping that people recognize this blog as part of my personality and even if they don’t agree with my viewpoints or observations they’re getting ME. Granted, I’m often wrong, misguided, and cynical but I’m not ashamed of a strong feeling every now and then.

Look for a more unabashed views and more intimate details to come. I’m giving myself to this experiment fully. And if it wrecks my life at least you’ll be entertained.


  • Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son
  • Pink Floyd – Young Lust
  • Neil Diamond – Play Me
  • Foo Fighters – Razor
  • Foo Fighters – Magnolia

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