Sexuality, Dating and the Modern Mookie

Being an adult there are certain facets of dating that can get complicated and invariably do.


Dating in my 30’s is a new experience for me. I’ve been in two major relationships that have dominated my dating years so my experience in this new arena, as an adult, is nill. I do however, have my friends to use as examples and garner information from but I find that the view I get is directly related to the personality giving it. So…that tells me that it’s really not based on a ruleset or norm, but rather the people involved.
Ok…I can dig it. I’m a good judge of character and intent so it should be easy for me to adapt to the different people I’m bound to meet in my travels.


Not so quickly friend.

For me personally sex is just one of the factors I use to figure out how I feel about someone. That being said, it’s not something I can participate in without some emotional investment. Now, of course imagining meeting someone and then almost immediately ripping their clothes off does have it’s allure. But while the pretext here refers to an imaginary scenario, the reality would probably play a little differently and there would, realistically be ramifications emotional or otherwise to deal with.

Sex changes things regardless of what anyone thinks…unless both parties agree that it doesn’t…but even then it really does.

So how does one as inexperienced in the dating world as I am figure all this stuff out? I can write and ponder all I want but I doubt that will solve any of these issues I’m thinking about. Does it have to be perfect? Can adults have sex for the sake of feeling good with each other? Can you become that intimate without it meaning that you’ve taken the next step?


It *should* be fun finding out. What’s the worst that could happen?



  • Gavin DeGraw – Lay me on the Water
  • Gavin DeGraw – Maybe
  • Barenakedladies – Hello City
  • Pearl Jam – Habit
  • Pearl Jam – Lukin
  • Pearl Jam – Faithful
  • Pearl Jam – Down
  • Pearl Jam – Crazy Mary
  • Pearl Jam – Spin the Black Circle
  • Stereophonics – I miss you now

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