PJ Tickets go on sale VERY SOON!


I’m sitting here with multiple browser windows open and my phone on standby to assault Ticketmaster for my PJ tickets.

I’ve been to so many shows in the past that just couldn’t miss this show or sit in a bad seat…it’s got to be GOOD.  That could mean upwards of $500.00 a ticket from a ticket agent if I can’t get good seats through ticketmaster.  It’s funny to think that PJ and ticketmaster had such a feud and now Ticketmaster is where I look for the CHEAP tickets…ah irony.

I’m a member of 10 Club, which automatically gets me tickets…but the seating is based on seniority and tenure in the fan club.  I was fricking dumb and let my membership run out and I had to start over, which puts me in the nosebleeds if I were to buy those tickets.  So, I’ll probably spend a lot more than I should for these seats.  I remember my first 10 club tickets…I was convinced I was going to in the front and I was disappointed when I saw my actual seats.

I’ve even got my favorite PJ shirt on this morning…and I’m listening to PJ now.



  • Pearl Jam – Hail, Hail
  • Pearl Jam – Smile
  • Pearl Jam – Lukin
  • Pearl Jam – Down
  • Pearl Jam – Fatal
  • Pearl Jam – Evenflow
  • Pearl Jam – Of the Girl
  • Pearl Jam – God’s Dice
  • Pearl Jam – Not for You
  • Pearl Jam – Dissident

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