So, it’s Monday…

…and I’ve got to get back into the groove.  I’ve got to rededicate myself to my goals and snap out of this haze I’ve been in the last week.

Not only do I have work to do but I’ve got email to send out to some people about the HP gaming blogs.  I’ve just gotten another bit of info that might help me get a little more traction in that area and I’ll post the news.  I’ve kind of been a little ‘blog-shy’ here recently…and I hope to get back to regular postings this week.

Hopefully, if I get the gig doing the gaming blog I’ll get a little more access to the cool things I’ll be writing about.  I really wanted to get a hands on with Microsoft SURFACE this weekend, but alas, it’s in NY…it’s that kind of thing I’d like to make a priority.  I could get ‘sit-downs’ with VooDoo peeps, game developers, content sharers, social networking types…the who she-bang!

Anyhoo…I’ll report on that stuff as I get more information.  In the meantime I’ve got a fair piece of email to answer and some things to track down.


  • Foo Fighters – DOA
  • Van Halen – Unchained
  • Patty Smith – People have the Power
  • Jim Croce – I’ve got a name
  • Alice in Chains – I stay away

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