Again with the Technology already..

Yes, this is an 0.3 millimeter thick LCD screen…and it’s FLEXIBLE!

Yes, that\'s a monitor screen!

Ok…so let’s cross breed some with some other interesting technology. You could have entire walls papered with this material, be able to visually connect to the network with all of your devices, and control everything with the wave of a hand, or even better, have a holographic butler do it for you. Imagine reading a bedtime story that’s stored in a retail device that has accompanying music and visuals that bring your child’s walls to life. Not only will you be able to change the design of your “wallpaper” but you can also control every device from ANY location and the possibilities for applications are infinite…it will change how we consume, transport, and relate to media and information.  Thanks to Gizmodo for the photo.


  • AC/DC – Shot Down in Flames
  • Bush – Disease of the Dancing Cats
  • Foo Fighters – DOA
  • The Clash – Straight to Hell
  • INXS – You’re One of My Kind
  • Pearl Jam – Lukin
  • Pearl Jam – Corduroy


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