I’ve come to the conclusion that most people on the planet will lie if they think it will benefit them.

This morning was like every other morning. I came into work, turned on my PC and loaded in everything I would need to do my job and then proceeded to the Cafeteria where I get my Bagel and Coffee.

My bagel, cream cheese and Coffee run me $1.31 a day. I know this because it’s consistent. The Cream Cheese isn’t free…it’s 50 cents. Well…this morning I was getting my bagel and the guy in front of me proceeds to start loading cream cheese on his bagels. He’s ends up using 4 cream cheese containers on one bagel, which is 4x what I use, but whatever, he’s applied $2.00 worth of cream cheese to his bagel.

Since he was in front of me in the bagel line he got to the register first and when asked about the Cream Cheese he looked into the eyes of the guy at the register and he lied right to his face.

He claimed he used 2 packages when he used 4.

Why the fuck would you lie about something like that? Why would you put the perception of your character and integrity on the line for $1.00 worth of cream cheese? The simple answer is that the guy is a scumbag.

Is it human nature to always attempt to get more than you deserve? I don’t think I operate that way…do I?


  • Van Halen – Everybody wants some.
  • James Taylor – Sweet Baby James
  • Jim Croce – Operator
  • Genesis – No Reply at All
  • INXS – You’re one of my kind
  • INXS – Devil Inside
  • Velevet Revolver – Fall to Pieces

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