Headache Free

I woke up Sunday morning with a headache and it had been going strong for several days until this morning. I woke up and no headache! While I’ve had headaches that have been bad, that was the longest by far. I think it was sleep related. Saturday night into Sunday I got very little sleep and I went to bed early on Sunday Night. I’m usually ok with about 5-6 hours of sleep a night but I screwed something up somehow and wound up with the headache.

I’ve also not worked out since last week. I’m ending that drought tonight and I’m going to be working out every day again. Running into that plateau didn’t help and on top of that controlling my eating after 7pm is difficult…but it’s something I’m going to have to master if I want to reach my goal…and I do.

During my day I come across lot’s of interesting websites. One of which is http://www.stickk.com, where I can bet on myself towards goals I might have. I put up money and it’s available to me when I reach my goal. If I don’t reach my goal in time the money goes to a charity or person I choose. Just an interesting twist on motivation and a great example of a website that doesn’t need a traditional business model to work, we’ll see if it succeeds.

I’ve got something I’m working on that I’m going to be posting soon which should be good. We’ll see. =)


  • U2 – Ultra-Violet
  • Radiohead – Morning Bell
  • Nirvana – Stain
  • Stone Temple Pilots – Seven Caged Tigers
  • U2 – All I Want

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