Mark who?

Our office is being visited by the CEO of HP today.

I’m just a normal joe…so for me this visit means a crowded cafeteria, a hurried atmosphere and people using my desk as their own personal phone booth. I’m curious how the CEO views today? Does he view it as a 30 min speech he’s got to memorize? Is it a pain in the ass for him to come out here? Does he have any personal interest in the people in his employ or the products they produce? I’d be interested to see if he walks around a bit today…having him show up here in our little corner would show his interest.

I’m was considering taking a roadtrip out to Kansas City for work but it turns out I can’t actually make it a road trip so I’m going to pass on it. I wouldn’t choose KC for a vacation destination anyway…so I’ll have to come up with something new. I just can’t get that Johnny Cash song out of my head…


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