This movie is supposed to get better.

I was hoping this movie was going to get better…

Perhaps it was too much to imagine someone waiting for me when I got home from work, there to surprise me and tell me I’m theirs. I guess those kind of moments are great in movies but real life kind of gets in the way of dramatic license.

I’m just down in the dumps a bit…I’ll get over it I suppose. You’ll have to put up with the sullen Mookie for a while. I just with there was an answer for why it happens for one person and not the other. Why does one person “get it” and the partner not so much? How can one person feel so strongly if the other doesn’t? Aren’t those things supposed to be mutually exclusive?

Bah…here I go again trying to figure this out.


  • Jamie Cullum – It’s about time
  • Jamie Cullum – Lover, you should’ve come over
  • Jamie Cullum – All at Sea
  • No Doubt – Simple Kind of Life
  • Pearl Jam – Crazy Mary
  • Chris Cornell – Season

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