Velvet Ed…aka DJ 5phones.

Ok…so I’m usually in my PJ’s by 7pm but last night was an exception.

I met a group of friends from work first at The Field and then at Pheonix Landing to see our friend Ed DJ for the night.  We started at The Field around 10 where John joined us.  I’ve worked with John at Abuzz and he worked at Tabblo right before I got here so it was nice to see him again.

Around 11 or so we mosey’d over the PL to check out Ed, but the Celtics game was still on TV and the DJ’s weren’t going on until the game was over.  The Celts won a great game and then the lights dimmed and the music started.  It was an +18 night at the event and to be honest, it was packed with a bunch of kids.  Dance styles (and music styles) have certainly changed since I was that age. 

Thankfully it didn’t smell like Patchouli.

I would have some photos but my phone’s camera sucks and all the photos came out as streaks of light and color washes.

As soon as DCS goes through his photos I’ll check them out.  It was great to be in a social environment with the people I work with and I had a lot of fun even if I was totally out of my element.  Being outside my zone of comfort isn’t as bad as I thought it would be…in fact, it was pretty cool.

I’m glad we were all there to support Ed.  He’s probably the person I’ve connected with the least so I was happy be there.

anyhoo…I’m tired as heck right now and on my 4th cup of coffee and it’s only 11am!



  • INXS – I need you tonight
  • Alanis Morrisette – Not the Doctor
  • U2 – Until the end of the world
  • Van Halen – 316

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