Something is missing.

I’ve not been playing as much music lately as I normally do.  In fact, this time last year I was playing with Al and the guys.  I’ve got to tell you…there’s nothing like playing live if you’re prepared.  I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately and I was thinking about trying to put together something here in the near future.

The reason I was thinking about trying to form it instead of just joining another group is because I’d finally like to have some say in what gets played.  2loud was all about the early late 60’s, early 70’s and that’s a great time period but it’s not my first choice of music.  Honestly, I’d much prefer doing covers because it’s more fun than laboring forever and putting original music out there and getting stressed out about whether it’s good or not.  Playing covers is a guarantee…you’re playing hits!

Obviously the group would have a piano influence…groups like “The Fray” and “Coldplay” and even Pearl Jam offer a ton of choices and some songs sound great when converted to piano like Green Day’s “She.”

The damned video won’t work…here’s the URL

Anyway, I’m thinking about it.  If it ever happens I’ll post video…should be fun.  I’ve could make a pretty kick-ass setlist.

Scout approved.


  • The Fray – All at Once
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Around the World
  • Jamie Cullum – London Skies
  • Foo Fighters – D.O.A.
  • Bush – Mind Charger
  • Dave Matthews Band – Best of what’s around
  • Van Halen – Panama
  • Audioslave – Show me how to live
  • Radiohead – High and Dry
  • The Bangles – Hazy Shade of Winter
  • Simon and Garfunkle – Mrs. Robinson
  • Screaming Trees – I nearly lost you
  • Pearl Jam – Bee Girl
  • The Go-Go’s – Our lips are sealed

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